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De'Monica Flye and Kendra Glenn

Arnellia’s: Our Own Apollo

For 25 years, Arnellia’s Bar and Restaurant in St. Paul is where generations of African Americans have gathered for live music, birthday celebrations, and even a weekly game of cards. Many local musicians started their careers here. Arnellia’s will be closing on April 30, 2017. I spoke to longtime customers and performers about the club’s legacy.


When Prince Called at 3 A.M.

Ever since Prince died in 2016, people who knew him have come forward with personal stories about what the famously private star was actually like as a person. One of those people is Minneapolis musician Gary Hines. Hines remembers how Prince didn’t exactly keep 9 to 5 hours.


The Kibbitzer and the Choreographer

Fifty years ago, film legend Frederick Wiseman released his very first documentary about a prison-hospital for the criminally insane. Wiseman’s film — “Titicut Follies” — was banned for decades. Now, thanks to Minneapolis choreographer James Sewell, the film is being reimagined as a ballet.

Blackout Improv

Blackout Improv Offers Comic Tonic

Blackout Improv is one of the Twin Cities’ newest improv comedy groups. But they want to do more than just make people laugh. I reported this story for KFAI’s Minneculture.


The Concourse King of MSP

For most people, the airport is a hassle, a place we pass through on our way to where we really want to go. But Gilmore Harris has made Concourse G at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport his own personal stage.


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