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The Kibbitzer and the Choreographer

Fifty years ago, film legend Frederick Wiseman released his very first documentary about a prison-hospital for the criminally insane. Wiseman’s film — “Titicut Follies” — was banned for decades. Now, thanks to Minneapolis choreographer James Sewell, the film is being reimagined as a ballet.

Blackout Improv

Blackout Improv Offers Comic Tonic

Blackout Improv is one of the Twin Cities’ newest improv comedy groups. But they want to do more than just make people laugh. I reported this story for KFAI’s Minneculture.


The Concourse King of MSP

For most people, the airport is a hassle, a place we pass through on our way to where we really want to go. But Gilmore Harris has made Concourse G at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport his own personal stage.


Sisters on Stage and in Life

Iman and Khadijah Siferllah-Griffin are identical twins, award-winning dancers and teenagers. In local hip hop circles, they’re known for making dances with a message. As college approaches, the sisters take stock of their artistic accomplishments and the possibility of separating for the first time in their lives.


The Mysterious Headphone Dancers of Minneapolis

Minnesotans aren’t exactly known for being uninhibited — especially when it comes to dancing in public. But for the last nine years, artist Marcus Young has been inviting people to dance on the sidewalks of Minneapolis in front of total strangers. He says that embarrassing ourselves on purpose can actually be good for us.


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