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Shelly Mosman portrait

In This Photographer’s World, Kids Don’t Smile

When parents hire Shelly Mosman to photograph their children, they’re encouraged to bring an animal to the studio and leave the smiles behind. I produced this audio portrait of an unconventional photographer-for-hire whose storybook images reveal the menacing and moody side of childhood.

Pajau Vangay

Scientist Pajau Vangay used to make ‘pretty code.’ Now, she studies guts.

As a Hmong woman pursuing a doctorate in applied science, Pajau Vangay is an outlier. She hasn’t had mentors in the sciences who look like her. “It has sort of been like that my whole life,” she said. “I was going [down] this path that not a lot of Hmong went. And I was OK with it because I had to be.”

Minnesota SPJ Awards 2018

2018 Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists Page One Awards

Every year, the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists hosts an awards banquet honoring the best in Minnesota television, newspaper, magazine, and also radio journalism. In 2018, received a first place award in the planned feature category for “Arnellia’s: Our Own Apollo,” about the closing of Minnesota’s last black-owned music club. I received a second place award for best radio feature for my portrait of Hmong chef Yia Vang.

Subversive Sirens Amira Adawe

NPR: ‘You Have Dark Skin And You Are Beautiful’: The Long Fight Against Skin Bleaching

Amira Adawe has just arrived at a Somali-American community radio station in Minneapolis where she hosts a weekly call-in show called Beauty-Wellness Talk. After peeling off her winter jacket, Adawe slides a pair of headphones over her crown of dark, short curls. “Hello? As-Salaam-Alaikum,” she says into the foam mouth of her studio microphone. An anonymous stream of listeners starts calling in to confide about a subject that is deeply personal and also taboo — skin bleaching.


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