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Amira Adawe

NPR: ‘You Have Dark Skin And You Are Beautiful’: The Long Fight Against Skin Bleaching

Amira Adawe has just arrived at a Somali-American community radio station in Minneapolis where she hosts a weekly call-in show called Beauty-Wellness Talk. After peeling off her winter jacket, Adawe slides a pair of headphones over her crown of dark, short curls. “Hello? As-Salaam-Alaikum,” she says into the foam mouth of her studio microphone. An anonymous stream of listeners starts calling in to confide about a subject that is deeply personal and also taboo — skin bleaching.

Bradley Greenwald and Myron Johnson

Myron Johnson’s Sassy Nutcracker

In 1989, Twin Cities choreographer Myron Johnson decided to create a new kind of Nutcracker ballet. His version is bawdy and campy, and it’s one of the longest-running holiday shows in town.


Poets And Poetry Lovers Alike Lament Loss of ‘The Writer’s Almanac’

“The Writer’s Almanac” launched in 1993 as public radio broadcast celebrating poetry and literary history. When American Public Media Group cut ties with host Garrison Keillor over accusations of inappropriate behavior, the show suddenly disappeared. Here’s what poets and poetry publishers had to say about losing one of their biggest platforms.

Yia Vang

How Chef Yia Vang is putting his own twist on Hmong cuisine

In the mid-1970s, thousands of indigenous Hmong people started coming to the United States as refugees from the Vietnam War. Many settled in Minnesota, which is now home to the second largest Hmong community in the U.S. Yia Vang, 33, knows this history in a very personal way. He was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and moved to the U.S. when he was five years old. Vang wants to tell stories about the Hmong experience through his cooking. But being a culinary emissary can get tricky.

Lazerbeak in the back office

A Day in the Life of Doomtree’s CEO

The music business is about more than making beats. Somebody has to count the merch money and organize things. At Doomtree Records, that person is Aaron Mader, also known as Lazerbeak. I spent a day with ‘Beak to understand his world.


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