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Herbert Stead portrait

Minnesota Style Chronicles: Herbert Stead

Minnesota Style Chronicles: Herbert Stead has been volunteering as a greeter at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis for the last four to five years. A native of Rhode Island, Herbert came to Minnesota decades ago to work in the airline industry and is now retired. He conceived of this outfit himself — from the Chesterfield coat to the white gloves and black top hat. You can’t see it in the picture, but he’s wearing English riding boots he bought from the J. Peterman catalogue. His sartorial creativity isn’t inspired by a love of menswear. It turns out that people are the point. “It’s just people,” he told me. “People love it!”

mohawk hair dye multicolor

Changing his hair “for the fun of it”

Minneapolis style chronicles: Jimmy, 17, a student at Minnesota Transitions Charter School, likes changing up his hair style every few weeks. His girlfriend dyed his hair for the mohawk-ish style he’s sporting now.

fur coat with wool sleeves

Living is my job

Minneapolis style chronicles: I was working in a coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis last week when I vaguely noticed this guy who was there with some friends, huddled around laptops. It wasn’t until he got up to leave that I really saw him in his full one-of-a-kind glory. That coat. How could you miss it?

yellow rain boots

Yellow rain boots

When I ask people to describe their style, the answers I hear almost always surprise me. Clothing can seem superficial, but what we wear tells a story. And behind Mo’s story of cheery yellow rain boots (a gift from her mother), there’s a hint at some sadness or struggle. I didn’t have the courage to ask her about that. But I’m grateful for what she did share with me on that warm afternoon when the world finally emerged from its wintry cage.

University of Birmingham beret and scarf

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