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Shelly Mosman portrait

In This Photographer’s World, Kids Don’t Smile

When parents hire Shelly Mosman to photograph their children, they’re encouraged to bring an animal to the studio and leave the smiles behind. I produced this audio portrait of an unconventional photographer-for-hire whose storybook images reveal the menacing and moody side of childhood.

Dameun Strange

The Strange Music of “Mother King”

Composer Dameun Strange has loved opera ever since he was a little kid. For over 25 years, he struggled to compose an opera of his own. Now Strange has teamed up with other black artists to create a new opera about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mother — Alberta. But writing the music wasn’t easy.

2017 Minnesota SPJ Page One Awards

2017 Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists Page One Awards

Every year, the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists hosts an awards banquet honoring the best in Minnesota television, newspaper, magazine, and yes, radio journalism. I received a first place award for “How Black Lives Matter Got an Anthem,” which I reported and produced for KFAI’s Minneculture series.


When Prince Called at 3 A.M.

Ever since Prince died in 2016, people who knew him have come forward with personal stories about what the famously private star was actually like as a person. One of those people is Minneapolis musician Gary Hines. Hines remembers how Prince didn’t exactly keep 9 to 5 hours.


The Concourse King of MSP

For most people, the airport is a hassle, a place we pass through on our way to where we really want to go. But Gilmore Harris has made Concourse G at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport his own personal stage.


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