Multimedia + Writing

I have produced print, digital, and multimedia stories for The New York Daily News, MovieMaker, On Being, and Pollen Midwest. Below you’ll find selected work samples.


Minnesota Monthly (2013-2017)

I was the lead reporter for Minnesota Monthly magazine’s “Scene” section, which features photos and first-person quotes of famous and everyday Minnesotans at local charity fundraising events. You can explore my Scene reporting here. I have also contributed long and short-form feature stories to the magazine on Minnesota art, culture, and business. (Photo: TJ Turner)



A Face That Looks Like You: Interviewing Photographer Matthew Septimus (On Being, 2013)

At the height of the Occupy movement in 2011, photographer Matthew Septimus took thousands of portraits in NYC’s Zuccotti Park. I interviewed Septimus and produced this multimedia feature for On Being’s blog exploring what drove him to create these images and what he discovered about himself through the process.


Down the Rabbit Hole (Pollen Midwest, 2015)

Thomas Kim (Photo: Marie Ketring)Pollen Midwest commissioned me to report and write “Down the Rabbit Hole,” a long-form digital narrative about a Minneapolis chef. The feature incorporates photography, video, illustration, graphic design, and animation. Each element was created by a different contributor. Pollen Midwest provided overall art direction and editorial oversight. (Photo: Marie Ketring)


Writing: Q+A

Interviewing Cartoonist Marjane Satrapi (MovieMaker, 2008)

In 2008, Movie Maker Magazine published a Q and A interview I did with cartoonist Marjane Satrapi. She’s the author of the memoir Persepolis which was adapted into a film by the same title.


Writing: Personal Essay

“Falling is not failing”: Adventures in surfing (Port City Life, 2008)

When I lived in Portland, Maine from 2005-2008, I wrote regular freelance arts and business features for a now-defunct monthly magazine called Port City Life. They published this personal essay I wrote about learning how to surf. Working on this piece gave me a good excuse to put on a wet suit for the first time.