Minnesota Monthly

Me interviewing Walter Mondale
Me interviewing Walter Mondale. Center for Victims of Torture 30th Anniversary Breakfast, September 2015. (Photo: TJ Turner)

I am the lead reporter for Minnesota Monthly’s “Scene,” which features photos and first-person quotes of famous and everyday Minnesotans at local charity fundraising events. Minnesota Monthly had published these party pictures for many years, but I was curious about the people in the photos — not just their names in a caption, but what kind of personal connections they had to the organization they’d shown up to support. I pitched the editor to send me out as a reporter to find out. Minnesota Monthly liked my idea, and now these first-person reflections are a staple of the magazine’s coverage. Over the last three years, I’ve gone to dozens of dinners, breakfasts, and lunches around the Twin Cities. Explore the gallery below to discover some of the people I’ve interviewed.